What To Expect During a Bra Fitting

At The Fitting Touch we know how intimate a bra fitting is for most women. Standing in front of a mirror and another woman can be extremely intimidating. Due to the amount of respect our fitters give to each woman, along with their knowledge and experience, our clients fall in love with our store and their new figure after just one bra fitting experience.

What to Expect During a Bra Fitting

After being welcomed into the store, the hostess will show you to your fitting room and explain the procedure. She will ask you to take off your top to allow a close measurement of your ribcage (band size) and the fullest part of your bust. You will be measured over your current bra. Once your fitter has taken your measurements, she will then ask you if you are looking for anything specific like a strapless bra or shape wear, or if you are looking for a properly fit everyday bra.

Our fitters know the products they are selling. It takes weeks for them to become familiar with each of the lines and styles we offer, and how they each fit. They know what styles and lines fit which body type best. If you have seen a bra in a display or on the website and the bra is not shown to you, it will be because the fitter knows of other styles that will likely be a better fit for you. Once you have found a bra you feel great in, she can then show you more colors, styles or the specific one you wanted to see. It is her goal to find you a perfect fit in as little as three or four tries.

Keep in mind a woman should have one neutral bra to wear under anything light colored. Nude goes better under white for light skin tones and dark goes better with darker skin tones. Then instead of just opting for a black bra, get something fun! Bright prints, red, pink, purple, and blues can all substitute for a black bra. Also, while staring at yourself in the mirror, it is easy to find flaws in the fit of a bra. With a snug band you can expect it to cut into your skin a little big, accentuating “back fat”. It is imperative that you keep in mind that the band of the bra will soften and stretch with a few washes and wears! Don’t compromise a beautiful fit because you don’t want bra lines.

Once you have the bra on, your fitter will join you to assess the fit of the bra, she will then fine tune the fit of the bra by adjusting the straps and ensure that you have the bra on properly. She will check all the key areas: band, cups, and straps to ensure that the bra is fitting you correctly. When she is satisfied, she will ask you to wear your shirt over the bra to allow you to see how you will look wearing that particular bra.

Your fitter may decide to show you different styles or sizes depending on how the first bra fits and the feedback that she receives from you. It is therefore very important to provide feedback on how you feel in the bra.

Once you have been fitted with a bra that is appropriate for your size and shape, your fitter will then be able to offer you other bras to try depending on your prevences and wardrobe needs.

Ideally you should have a bra wardrobe of 10 to 12 bras in different styles. Be sure to check out our 5 Must Haves!