Thank You!

I encourage every woman to be fitted by a professional for her correct bra size. I was fitted by professionals at The Fitting Touch for the first time in my life, and found out that I was wearing bras that were one cup size too small and two band sizes too large. Wearing the correct size has improved my posture and given me a more youthful appearance. The fitting was done in private and was not in the least bit embarrassing. Now, not only is my fit beautiful, but so are my bras. The selection available at The Fitting Touch is gorgeous! You’ve got to visit!
Mary Lee Rice, Vestavia Hills, Alabama

As usual at Christmastime, I asked all my family to give me ideas for their gifts. My youngest son’s girlfriend had only one wish on her list. She wanted a certificate to get a gift and fitting at “The Fitting Touch.” Having struggled with finding bras to fit all my life, her request particularly resonated with me so I admit my curiosity was piqued. After all, getting the occasional treat for yourself while shopping is one of my favorite Christmas “traditions!” Well, this time she and I both hit big! 
When I went in to check out your shop I was enchanted by the decor, the selection, and the marvelous staff. Being Christmastime, it seemed natural that a beautiful pixie with similar problems finding bras sometime in her past was the one to wait on me. Very knowledgeable, she discovered I had been in a bra with a cup too small and a band too large. When corrected, I looked great (if I do say so myself) and even stood up straighter! If that wasn’t enough fun, for the first time in my adult life, I was able to get a bra in true Christmas/Valentine red!!! I also bought one in black, with panties to match each. I was thrilled, which only we women with large breasts can really appreciate, so for me, Christmas came a tad early. Plus, I paid less for these lingerie wonders than I have in any of the so-called very “upscale” department stores! To say I was thoroughly pleased would be a gross understatement. Oh, I did manage remember to get the gift certificate for the young lady who started this mission. Believe me, she was as tickled with her gift and the opportunities it represented on Christmas Day as I had been!
 Thanks and kudos to you all for filling a much needed niche in shopping here in Birmingham. I will definitely be back again!

Linda H Maloy, Inverness, Alabama

Think it’s easy to make a 62 year old woman feel pretty again? I had accepted my figure as just the way a menopausal woman looks. I found out differently when I visited The Fitting Touch. Not only did Janet show me I was wrong, but she did it in a cordial and professional style.

After we settled on the proper bra I asked her advice on a swimsuit. In one stop I got a perfectly fitted bra and swimsuit. She knows her product and cares about her customers.

Very good experience!