Proper Bra Fit

Our business is focused on bra fit. We specialize in the custom bra fit of figures ranging from average to full busted, and full figure. We carry a wide selection of bras ranging in cup size from AA to JJ and band sizes 28 to 52.

As bra fit specialists, we work closely with several plastic surgeons and help with the care of their patients by providing proper fit and garments that aid in their healing process.

The Importance of Proper Bra Fit

•  Without proper support, one of the greatest laws of the Universe takes place….Gravity.
•  The delicate tissue begins to roll off the chest wall, over the pectoral muscle, and displaces itself under the arm and in the midriff area and a pendulous look begins to develop and blocks proper blood flow to the breast.
•  The weight of the breast pulling on the neck can cause diminished blood flow to the head and headaches may occur.
•  The effects of weight and gravity also affect posture. 
Poor fit will lead one to shorten straps for more support.

addition, this will lead to the back of the bra riding up in painful grooves in the shoulders.