Bra Care

• Always follow the instructions on the bra tags.

• If tags are not present, always wash bras carefully by hand. Use cold water and a light gentle hand soap or very mild detergent on the bra.

• Drip dry bras or dry on a flat surface away from the sun.

• Do not machine wash bras! If you must, wash bras on a delicate cycle in cold water, and separate the colors. Fasten all hooks and place bras in a lingerie bag.

• Do not put bras in the dryer! If you must, tumble dry on a low setting with bras still in the lingerie bag.

• Wash bras at least every other wearing to reduce discoloration and damage from body oils.

• Wear bras in rotation. If you find a bra that you love, buy several bras the same size. Bra manufacturers frequently discontinue styles.

• Do not overwear your bra. The bra will lose the form and structure.