About Us

The Fitting Touch was a life long dream of Janet Hall-Holcomb’s after spending more than twenty years in the lingerie industry. As a buyer, Janet landed a sales representative job for a unique company in the United Kingdom that trained her in corsetry fit and unique sizing. 

As one of three United States representatives, Janet traveled the country and promoted the uniqueness of their product and the importance of proper bra fit. After five years with the company and substantial growth, Janet felt the need to help in her own hometown and state so that she could make a daily difference in the lives of women. 

On April 1, 2004, The Fitting Touch, Inc. opened and Janet began making her dreams and hopes for others come true. The Fitting Touch is a unique lingerie store…not the typical ‘just something pretty to sleep in’ store. The main focus at The Fitting Touch is on proper bra fit. Today, customers come to shop at The Fitting Touch from across the South.

The Fitting Touch carries a wide selection of beautifully engineered bras. All of our Fit Specialists have been trained on proper fit and are educated on the fit of different bra styles. Having a properly fitted bra can make a positive difference in a woman’s appearance and self esteem.

In today’s society, 85% of women wear the incorrect bra size. Most ladies are wearing bands that are too large for their frame and cups too small to support their breasts. The Fitting Touch provides a comfortable atmosphere with superior customer service. Helping our customers find the proper fit and the appropriate apparel is our goal.

Along with lingerie, The Fitting Touch carries loungewear and bathing suits. The European sizes offered in our products ensure the best fit possible for all sizes. The Fitting Touch is the place to go for great customer service. Our beautifully crafted products are functional in their elegance. The Fitting Touch is dedicated to using a woman’s inner beauty to create life changes!